60 years for Deutsche Steinzeug

Hans-Dieter Sebastian celebrates an exceptional service anniversary

On September 18, 1962, a 19-year-old starts working for Servais-Werke AG in the mass and glaze preparation department. Ten years later, he is already managing the entire logistics and warehousing at the Witterschlick site as manager, making his work his life's work to this day. Board member Dieter Schäfer likes to introduce him mischievously as: Dat is de Chef von't Janze. Wolfgang Overath, former president of the 1. FC Köln comes personally to congratulate on his anniversary. Hans-Dieter Sebastian himself is quite unpretentious about his anniversary: "I don't really have to. Who is this person who remains loyal to the company for over six decades and at the same time takes on changing new challenges? In 2007, when he stays beyond his retirement, he - a colleague and employee who is greatly appreciated and honored by everyone at Deutsche Steinzeug for his helpfulness and straightforwardness - follows his conviction: He will stand by Deutsche Steinzeug as long as he feels it needs him.

Hans-Dieter Sebastian, who was born in Bonn on October 25, 1942, is a true homegrown. In 1957, he begins his working life on Paul Schäfer's farm in Eckendorf, makes a stopover at Arge Bau Marienthal for the Ahrweiler-Marienthal tunnel, and then joins the Deutsche Steinzeug family to stay on. He is barely 30 years old when he already becomes warehouse manager and goods manager for the Steinzeug department. A few years later, he is also entrusted with the management of stoneware in this function until he takes over the management of the entire finished goods warehouse at the Witterschlick site. His later reputation as a warehouse professional is due to the fact that he is able to keep track of the movement of all pallets in his warehouse at all times and without any digital support. The fact that Kölsches Platt is an international language becomes apparent when CEO Dieter Schäfer orders him to travel to the Emirates to explain in a small training course, without any knowledge of English, how pallets can be packed correctly and how breakage can be avoided. When colleagues are asked about his extraordinary personality, they say: "You won't find anyone like him again." The photo box from 60 years with the company still brings up many anecdotes. Some lead directly to the 1st FC Cologne, to which Hans-Dieter Sebastian has been loyal for many years, as well as to Deutsche Steinzeug. Looking back, Sebastian emphasizes that he enjoyed going to work every day of his 60 years in Witterschlick. Who can still say that about themselves these days?

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