SENTO: Japanese minimalism translated into modern living

Sentō (jap. 銭湯) is the name for a traditional Japanese bathhouse. A place of purity, tranquillity and relaxation. An image of physical and mental clarity, which Agrob Buchtal translates into the reduced living language of the 2020s with the tile series of the same name. The basic design features a concrete look full of character, which can be combined with a delicate, poetic flower decoration or effectively with a brightly coloured rod mosaic.

Contrasts, light and color in balance
The basic decor of the wall and floor tiles is deliberately unagitated and straightforward: The relief, matt surface with streaks and traces of work as well as medium tone-on-tone colour contrasts lends depth to the concrete look and ensures a natural appearance. The floor can be laid in any direction. The four warm colours 'Off White', 'Concrete Grey', 'Pale Mud' and 'Smoke Anthracite' in the formats 30x60, 60x60 and 60x120 create space and tranquillity for a modern loft living interior, where thoughts and views can flow - thanks to the frost-proof quality also threshold-free to the outside space.

The wall tiles of the series come as a delicate variation of the floor in a discreet concrete / plaster look with a balanced mix of striking and calm areas. Soft colour contrasts and the stone-matt, relief surface also take up the typical SENTO look in the wall design. The clear shade 'Pale White' in the formats 30x60 and 35x100 can be combined with all floor colours.

Blossom décor: calligraphy of contrasts
Japanese minimalism is evident in every décor in the SENTO collection: with the BLOSSOM surface and floor décor, filigree contours of splendid blossoms stand out like fine calligraphy or ink drawings on the concrete look of the basic tiles. A contemporary break that brings a basic need for clarity and simplicity into perceived harmony with the longing for romance and security. A completely new interpretation of Yin and Yang.

The delicate décor, which can be laid without direction, sets subtle accents in the room, defines areas of use such as the dining area without imposing itself on the design and creates structure for a multifunctional mixed-use living world that has to withstand the diverse demands of modern life. SENTO does away with any aloofness that might be assumed of a tile in comparison with other floor coverings, and instead creates authenticity and inviting homeliness. So that living space becomes individual living space.

Cut decoration Stripe: the fine art of dealing with sticks
You could almost be reminded of the structure of a Japanese sushi roll mat - that's how organic and lightly moving the STRIPE rod décor of the SENTO series appears. The velvety, delicate surface with shimmering gloss effects in the recesses creates a valuable highlight in interior design and is an eye-catcher, especially in the kitchen or bathroom. With its four rich, deep shades, it matches the basic tiles and enlivens the room like umami enlivens the taste.

The secret of the special look is the vibratory grinding process, in which the cut and glazed rods rotate together with fine abrasives in an aqueous solution at their own pace. Edges are gently deburred and rounded, raised areas are satin-finished, while recesses remain shiny. An almost archaic, decelerated process, similar to a round-ground pebble in water.

Good karma: minimalism also in the inner values
Like all Agrob Buchtal's new products, SENTO reduces the material to the essentials: Minimised tile thicknesses of up to 6 mm leave an extremely small footprint in the cycle of nature. The 'Hytect' surface finish has a natural antibacterial effect and neutralises air pollutants for a healthy home and indoor climate. Their centuries of tradition, robustness, durability and naturalness make ceramics one of the most sustainable building materials available today. The decision in favour of ceramics is not only a material decision - but almost a state of mind.

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The purist concrete look of the SENTO series translates Japanese minimalism into the living language of the 2020s, creating space and tranquility for a modern loft living interior. The floor tiles, here in the shade 'Pale Mud', are available in four warm shades in the formats 30x60, 60x60 and 60x120 cm.

The fine, slip-cut rods are available in four rich shades: 'Pacific Blue' (pictured here), 'Sky Aqua', 'Earth Red' and 'Lava Black'.

Like a Japanese sushi roll mat, the STRIPE cut decoration nestles into any niche. The velvety soft, slightly moving surface with shimmering gloss effects in the recesses enlivens the interior design and sets a valuable highlight.

Soft tone-in-tone color contrasts and the stone-matte, relief surface also transfer the typical character of SENTO to wall design. The light 'Pale White' color of the wall tiles can be combined with all floor colors. All basic tiles of the series are Hytect-finished.

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