LOUNGE: the gentle power of the elements

Natural stone look and lush leaf motifs, fine grains, gentle grains and soft colour transitions - this is the nature of the LOUNGE tile collection by Agrob Buchtal. The design appears strangely familiar and yet completely new. The calm aesthetics of the surfaces and decors embrace us like a gentle breeze, flooding the room with a feel-good atmosphere into which every style of furnishing embeds itself as a matter of course.

Nature knows no floor plan - that is the claim of LOUNGE
All protagonists of the LOUNGE series, basic tiles and surface decors STONE and GARDEN, are 6 mm thin and can be processed correspondingly easily. Particularly in the case of the series construction kit, which is tailored to larger residential projects, this is an advantage that has a lasting impact and also forms the basis for maximum play possibilities: Thanks to the uniform tile thickness, in addition to the classic material division - porcelain stoneware for the floor, glazed earthenware for the wall - both variants can also be easily combined on the wall. And because even nature can be made a little better, all tiles in the series have the antibacterial Hytect surface finish for easy cleaning and a healthy, natural indoor climate.

A floor covering that grounds
The fine relief of the basic tiles is reminiscent of warm stones ¬- the unglazed, stone-matt surface gives the floor visual depth and creates a pleasant, sure-footed feel underfoot. The effect is enhanced by the elementary colour palette in natural taupe, sand, grey and anthracite nuances and generous formats up to 60x120 and 120x120 cm. Complementary functional dimensions of 30x60 and 60x60 cm, plus stair treads as well as mosaic tiles in 5x5 cm and corresponding, stone matt glazed lighter wall formats in 'Light Taupe' and 'Grey White' create the design freedom to furnish living spaces of any size and layout in a modern yet timeless way. Good to know: With slip resistance class R10/A+B, the floor tiles always provide a secure grip ... and make planning easier because you can work with them completely throughout - from the hallway or staircase, to the bathroom and even the shower.

STONE surface decor: lounge feeling de luxe in a noble natural stone look
Whether on small or large wall surfaces, as a frame for the fireplace or as a backdrop in the bathroom - the exclusive STONE series décor is a visual highlight and a calming influence in any living situation. Just as a work of art needs its space to be effective, the soft grain of the natural stone look in the 30x90 cm tile format is shown off to its best advantage and, as an overall picture, blends in just as elegantly with a reduced noble look as it does with a casual boho style.

GARDEN wall decor: air, life and colour for the senses
Lush, exotic-looking leaves as natural companions to the stone complement the LOUNGE collection with fresh accents for emphasis, for example in the shower area. A total of 9 motifs of different leaf arrangements in delicate, flowing green tones unfold in the 30x60 cm format like a blueprint of real green plants and set surprisingly powerful impulses as a recurring motif. The decorative tiles can be laid in any direction and always create a harmonious overall picture full of life and energy - and perhaps a mysterious hint of rainforest. Like nature itself, LOUNGE by Agrob Buchtal allows countless combination and design options that make living spaces individual and special. Because the basic elements of nature - stones, plants, colours - are compatible with furniture and ideas of all kinds. And not only from a creative point of view: after all, ceramics are in themselves one of the oldest building materials that are still produced naturally, unchanged to this day.

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Mysterious touch of rainforest in the shower area: exotic-looking leaves as natural companions of the stone set lively accents within the collection.

The GARDEN surface decor unfolds with 9 non-directional leaf motifs in delicate shades of green on an adaptable tile size of 30x60 cm.

Creative freedom for every living space: the porcelain stoneware formats of the LOUNGE series range from exclusive to practical with 30x60, 60x60, 60x120 and 120x120 cm as well as a 5x5 cm mosaic and leave nothing to be desired. With slip resistance class R10/A+B, the floor tiles in every size meet the highest safety standards.

Calm aesthetics is the nature of the series LOUNGE by Agrob Buchtal: Fine-pored relief unglazed floor tiles, here as a generous lounge format of 60x120 cm in the color 'Warm Grey', look like warm stones and invite you to walk barefoot. The color palette includes four soft natural shades in porcelain stoneware and two matching, lighter colors in stoneware for the wall.

The exclusive series decor STONE: visually an eye-catcher and atmospherically a resting pole, which elegantly continues the LOUNGE basic design, in the picture 30x60 cm 'Dark Anthracite' for the floor and 'Grey White' for the side walls. The soft grain of the natural stone look is ideally accentuated in the tile format 30x90 cm.

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