Universal porcelain stoneware series (new in 2021) from Agrob Buchtal

Like: Ceramic tiles for living spaces

With Like, Agrob Buchtal has launched a new tile series made of high-quality porcelain stoneware on the market in summer 2021, which can be used in many different ways: whether in private or public areas, on walls or floors, indoors or outdoors - the new collection always cuts an excellent figure. This variability and elegant large formats create ceramic coverings which visually widen rooms, convey sovereignty and coherently integrate the terrace as an outdoor retreat. The filigree 5x5-centimetre mosaic and the Tweed decorative element open up attractive possibilities for a charming architectural dialogue. The general visual impression of Like is a combination of the archaic charm of Industrial Style and the advantages of ceramic tiles.

The new collection does not demand attention in an obtrusive way, but discreetly prepares the ground - in a direct and figurative sense - for a wide range of design options. In this way, the restrained but definitely perceptible design leaves room for other materials and, as a veritable team player, creates the basis for holistic compositions. Five colours depicting different natural shades of grey support this philosophy and also allow a free choice of colours for furniture, fabrics, lighting, accessories and other parts of the interior.

Special design language
The special character and charm of this tile series is based on a well-dosed vitality, which is created by slightly iridescent nuances and pointedly applied irregularities in the finish. The designers of the series attached particular importance to an independent design statement, which is equally effective in all formats: from the filigree 5x5 centimetre mosaic to 30 x 60, 60 x 60 and 80 x 80 centimetres, right up to the particularly representative large format of 120 x 120 centimetres.

Merging indoors and outdoors
Like probably also is particularly interesting for those who want to turn the terrace into an outdoor retreat and integrate it into a coherent overall concept, who love consistent clarity and appreciate the advantages of a harmonious overall picture. The patio tiles of the series in the sizes of 60 x 60 and 120 x 120 centimetres allow representative outdoor areas and the seamless continuation of the floor covering to the outside - an advantage which is just as useful at home as in the hotel industry or outdoor gastronomy, for example.

Accents for walls and floors
Style and dynamism are conveyed by the Tweed decorative element, which picks up the very trendy herringbone pattern and implements it ceramically. It is supplied fixed to a glass fibre net on the back for convenient, speedy and precise laying. One element covers an area of around 30 x 30 centimetres, the size "overall" is 30 x 44.5 centimetres (see photo x). Tweed is equally attractive when used on larger surfaces or only partially, for example to highlight showers, to turn cloakroom niches into eye-catchers, to enhance wellness areas or foyers, to cover counters or to divide floors. The 5x5-centimetre mosaic has similar design advantages and functions. Due to its square geometry and filigree format, the mosaic is calmer, but still permits a discreetly elegant rhythmizing of defined areas. In this way, individual wall or floor surfaces can be created, because Tweed and the mosaic, just as the entire series, have the slip-resistance classification R10/B. The collection can therefore be used not only in private areas but also in areas where this property is relevant.

Ambience of the upscale kind
Like is predestined for forming a harmonious whole in interaction with other materials and for creating an unagitated, relaxed atmosphere. In short: these are tiles for living spaces - whether private, gastronomy, hotels, shops or public buildings - where the focus is on well-being and where people enjoy spending time.

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Source: agrob-buchtal.de, Colour graphite / Format 120x120 cm

Motif 1

Whether in residential-like public applications such as here in the lobby bar of a hotel ...
Source: agrob-buchtal.de, Colour cement, formats 80 x 80 cm (indoors) / 120 x 120 cm (outdoors)

Motif 2

... or in private areas: Like creates a generous, timeless and at the same time modern ambience which can be seamlessly continued outside thanks to special patio tiles.
Source: agrob-buchtal.de, Colour cement / Format 120 x 120 cm

Motif 3

The sovereign effect of the robust 2 cm thick patio tiles unfolds both on small and larger surfaces, e.g. in outdoor catering areas.
Source: agrob-buchtal.de, Colour warm grey / Format 60 x 60 cm and decoration Tweed (shower area)

Motif 4

Wellness areas, spas or saunas are further predestined areas of application for the Like series, as not only the look is great, but also the practical properties such as e.g. slip resistance R10/B.
Source: agrob-buchtal.de, Colour graphite / Format 120 x 120 cm

Motif 5

Ceramic tiles for living spaces: the XXL format of 120 x 120 cm has a particularly homogeneous effect thanks to the elegant narrow joint and, in combination with the noble design, creates a distinguished, pleasantly discreet atmosphere.
Source: agrob-buchtal.de, Colour off-white / Format 60 x 60 cm and decoration Tweed

Motif 6

These photos show the other two of the total of five colours* and the Tweed decoration, which ceramically implements the trendy herringbone theme and is ideally suited for zoning and rhythmizing floor and wall surfaces (also see motif 4). *cement: see motifs 2 and 3 / graphite: see motifs 1 and 5 / warm grey: see motif 4
Source: agrob-buchtal.de, Farbe: ash grey / Format 60 x 60 cm und Dekor Tweed

Motif 7

Source: agrob-buchtal.de

Motif 8

The 5x5cm mosaic offers similar design advantages as Tweed, but has a calmer effect due to the geometric shape of the square and thus opens up further attractive options.
Source: agrob-buchtal.de

Motif 9

Details of the dimensions of the Tweed decoration, which (like the 5x5cm mosaic) is supplied in an easy-to-lay state, i.e. precisely fixed on a glass fibre net on the back.