vinzenzmurr branch in the Donau-Einkaufszentrum (DEZ) Regensburg

Delicacies to go and to sit ...

Due to the restrictions on public life, the Donau-Einkaufszentrum (DEZ) Regensburg is also quiet(er) at the moment. Apart from that, many people with different shopping patterns are there: the spectrum ranges from quickly running errands to relaxed lingering. The vinzenzmurr branch there makes both possible with a newly designed sales counter and catering zone. The reopening after extensive modernization took place on 31 March 2021. In the middle of it all instead of just being there: the Drytile floor tile system, which can be installed in a flash without adhesive and can be removed just as quickly.

The environment
The DEZ Regensburg was initiated already back in 1967 by Johann Vielberth, who is considered a retail pioneer: at that time, it was not only the first large shopping centre in Bavaria, but also the first fully air-conditioned two-storey facility of its kind in Europe. Since then, the DEZ has been constantly expanded and kept up to date. Thanks to the pleasant ambience, the balanced tenant structure and the resulting attractive assortment mix of food and non-food, the shopping mall enjoys unbroken popularity far beyond Regensburg, despite alternatives which have emerged in the meantime.

situation before
An elementary part of the DEZ's offer is fresh food, from fruit and vegetables to bread and other baked goods to fish, meat and sausage. A nationally known brand in this area is the traditional butcher's shop vinzenzmurr (Munich), which has maintained its family roots since 1902, even now in its fourth generation, although originally two small shops have become an imposing company with now over 200 branches. One of them is the one in the DEZ, which has existed for several years and has now been extensively modernized. The exposed location on the ground floor in the middle of one of the mall's main streets is strategically favourable: fully immersed in the flow of visitors, this position offers prominent visibility and perceptibility, but also meant that the tables and chairs for catering were located without demarcation from the general traffic area and passers-by streaming by caused a certain amount of commotion.

The situation afterwards
In order to change this and other aspects, the entire sales area of around 160 m² was redesigned. One half now consists of a generous U-shaped counter with adjoining refrigeration and storage rooms, which form the back wall for the other half with catering operations. This catering area is now no longer free-standing in the room, but is enclosed by a waist-high wooden balustrade. This creates a relaxed privacy with a well-balanced  mixture of seeing and being seen. In order to emphasiz this effect of a "calm island in the shopping surf" and to stand out from the public part of the mall, a special floor covering was required. This floor covering had to be of high quality to match the range of goods on offer, but also quick to install, as time is money in retail. Also at the top of the wish list was an uncomplicated and complete removal in order to be able to return the rented space in its original condition at any time. The DryTile system exactly meets these requirements. After positive experiences in the shops in Illertissen and Dillingen on the Danube, vinzenzmurr decided in favour of  this promising solution for the “flagship store” in Regenburg, too.

The DryTile building protocol
It all started on day 1 at 7.00 a.m. with the preparation of the subfloor. It consisted of a brown vinyl floor, which was visually outdated, but was left in place: on the one hand to protect the underlying building fabric, on the other hand because it had the necessary evenness, as measurements showed. After rough cleaning and scraping off individual residues and incrustations, around 80 m² of DryTile tiles in the format of 60x60 cm (Soul series, colour anthracite) were laid dry in no time at all without adhesive, and the edges were cut using standard tools. Another advantage came in useful: DryTile can be walked on immediately without pointing. This was particularly relevant here because other trades such as painters, electricians, carpenters and shopfitters had to work in parallel and keep up the pace. In the late afternoon, the special DryTile pointing compound was applied and then allowed to harden overnight in a logistically elegant way. In accordance with the "12+12 hour rule" (see box below), the pointed floor surface was thus ready to be walked on again on the morning of day 2 (for further works by other trades such as installation and control of the sophisticated lighting) and ready to be loaded in the evening after a further 12 hours. The new DryTile floor was thus completed within only 36 hours, de facto without any loss of time for the general construction site process.

The conclusion
Hans Killer (site manager vinzenzmurr) was correspondingly satisfied, describing DryTile as a "real innovation", and can imagine its use in other branches, "because the result is also aesthetically convincing and looks very representative". Initial reactions show that the whole thing was worthwhile and is accepted. The U-shaped counter presents the vinzenzmurr range in a seductively inviting way and whets the appetite, which can be spontaneously satisfied on request in the catering area with its modern atmosphere and hospitality.

Basic information on the DryTile system
A particularly even laying base is elementary. DIN 18202 "Tolerances in building construction" serves as a basis for this. For increased stress due to high static (shelves, machines, etc.) or rolling (lift trucks, etc.) loads, it is recommended to use a pitch of 2 mm over a length of 2 m and to use "extra-thick" DryTile tiles (also available). The thin cork layer on the back, which is durably applied in the factory using a special technique, and the specially developed pointing compound allow DryTile tiles to be laid quickly and safely without adhesive. When the tiles are butting against one another, the cork layer on back, which protrudes exactly on all sides, automatically creates an elegant narrow joint. Without pointing, the covering can be walked on immediately, for example by other trades. The pointed surface can already be walked on after 12 hours and loaded after a further 12 hours ("12+12-hour rule"). DryTile therefore optimizes the construction process and saves time and thus money. This innovation enables up to 8 times faster laying than by the conventional method. DryTile is also completely removable and emission-free. The standard range already includes 20 series with formats from 30x60 to 60x120cm and numerous designs. In addition, project-specific individual productions are also feasible after a short check of the individual case. The Hytect technology, with which many DryTile series are provided, offers additional daily benefit. Tiles with this coating are extremely easy to clean, have an antibacterial effect without chemicals and eliminate air pollutants or unpleasant odours. /

Werner Ziegelmeier (Head of Public Relations)
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Source: / M. Läber

Motif 1

Before the start of construction: The previous vinyl floor was visually outdated, but was left in place to protect the subfloor and because it had the necessary evenness. This can be seen in motif 1 (upper edge of the picture): the catering zone previously was without a boundary to the public area of the mall with the corresponding unrest caused by pedestrian traffic.
Source: / M. Läber

Motif 2

Source: / W. Ziegelmeier

Motif 3

Beginning of the laying of the anthracite-coloured DryTile tiles. One of many advantages: the covering can be walked on immediately before pointing, so that other trades can work in parallel. Picture centre: the tiles are supplied stacked on top of each other without individual packaging. This protects the environment and allows extremely fast work directly from the pallet.
Source: / W. Ziegelmeier

Motif 4

Edge cuts can easily be made on site with conventional tools. Good to see on close inspection: the cork layer on back slightly protrudes on all sides, so that an elegant and precise narrow joint is created by simply laying the tiles next to each other.
Source: / Herbert Bürger, Schwandorf

Motif 5

The newly designed and now waist-high enclosed catering zone is a small but fine oasis for relaxing culinary breaks.
Source: / Herbert Bürger, Schwandorf

Motif 6

The joints of the DryTile floor, drawn as if with a ruler, discreetly structure the surface and convey spaciousness, and the format of 60 x 60 cm ensures representative elegance.
Source: / Herbert Bürger, Schwandorf

Motif 7

The DryTile tiles (Soul series / 60x60 cm / anthracite) are slightly iridescent and look great even when there are a lot of visitors. The floor covering contrasts skilfully with the honey-coloured furniture and visually unifies the entire catering area. This creates a pleasantly clear, yet hospitable atmosphere of the contemporary kind.
Source: / Herbert Bürger, Schwandorf

Motif 8

Source: / Herbert Bürger, Schwandorf

Motif 9

The columns on the long sides stand at the transition between the restaurant (right) and the U-shaped counter (left), with generous entrances inviting the guest to a visit.
Source: / Herbert Bürger, Schwandorf

Motif 10

On the other front side, the U-shaped counter also newly designed is located, which appetizingly presents the high-quality range of products of the traditional vinzenzmurr butchery.