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Ceramic tile series Aruba: Holiday feeling at home

Lying in the bathtub and dreaming of dreamy beaches, sun and palm leaves swaying in the wind. If you then open your eyes and look at the new Aruba tile series from Agrob Buchtal, you have already created the right ambience. There is a choice of wall tiles in warm white and a light sand tone as well as the Kentia decorative tile with nine different, delicately moving palm leaf motifs. The collection is rounded off by floor tiles in three formats and four attractive colours.

The name already hints at the characteristics of the new ceramic tile series: Aruba is one of the three ABC islands (Aruba / Bonaire / Curaçao) and is described as one of the most beautiful in the southern Caribbean. 

Decorative tile takes you to sunny climes
The new collection plays on these thoughts of carefree, cheerful holiday days: silk matt warm white or sand-coloured wall tiles in 30 x 60 and 30 x 90 cm create a natural feel-good ambience, while the matching Kentia decorative tile conveys movement and transparency. This decorative element consists of nine different motifs showing palm leaves swaying softly in the wind and casting gentle shadows on the beach. This association of relaxed informality also applies to the installation, as the decorative tiles can be arranged without direction or repeat and end freely - this gives a generous and light impression.

Further possibilities for individual design arise from the choice of format and installation method. Arranged both vertically and horizontally, Kentia creates a harmonious overall appearance with delicate dynamics. In the 30 x 60 cm format, it is possible to lay the tiles not only in a linear pattern but also in a half or third pattern (see illustration 2b), because the soft rhythm of the pattern brings out the grace of the leaves particularly well.

The 7.5 x 25 cm transom format shows sections of the Kentia decorative tiles, also in a random mix. The individual transoms can be used in the joint cut to the wall tile, crosswise or on edge (see Illustration 3b) or in the trendy herringbone pattern, so as to finely accentuate larger areas or partial areas such as kitchen mirrors, projections, niches, columns or shower corners.

Floor tiles as a harmonious finishing touch
The new collection is completed by floor tiles in a natural stone look. There is a choice of 30 x 60, 60 x 60 and the representative 60 x 120 cm format in Pearl, Mud, Stone and Graphite. As the names suggest, the general look is natural and subtle with a fine- to coarse-grained basic structure. Another useful addition is the 5x5 cm mosaic, which, thanks to slip resistance class R10/B, can be used in many ways as a floor covering in showers and for many other purposes.

Special features and benefits
Thanks to the innovative Hytect finish, the tiles in the Aruba collection offer very special additional benefits: They have an antibacterial effect without chemicals, neutralise unpleasant odours and air pollutants and are extremely easy to clean.

The effect of Hytect is based on the principle of photocatalysis. On the one hand, the active oxygen formed in the process breaks down unpleasant odours and air pollutants, but on the other hand, it also decomposes microorganisms such as bacteria, mould, algae, moss or germs without any chemical substances and inhibits their growth.

The ceramic tiles refined with Hytect technology are also hydrophilic ("water-friendly") and therefore particularly easy to clean. Instead of forming drops, the water spreads evenly as a thin film on the tile. The advantage: dirt is washed under and can then be removed effortlessly. The photocatalytic effect of Hytect does not wear off, but is activated again and again by light, for which even normal room lighting is sufficient.

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Motif 1

The dominant element of the new Aruba collection is the Kentia decor: it comprises nine different motifs of palm leaves in various shades and is available in the formats 30 x 90, 30 x 60 and 7.5 x 25 cm (shown here: 30 x 60 cm / Sand White)

Motif 2a

The new Aruba series from Agrob Buchtal makes holiday feeling at home possible with the Kentia decorative tile, here in 30 x 60 cm in a one-third bond (area behind the bathtub, detailed illustration: see motif 2b).
Wall tiles: 30 x 60 cm / Sand
Floor tiles: 60 x 120 cm / Stone

Motif 2b


Motif 3a

The new Aruba series appears light, transparent and natural. The Kentia decor convinces with nine different palm leaf motifs that bring gentle movement to wall designs - here in the new bar format 7.5 x 25 cm in upright installation (between washbasin and mirror, detailed illustration: see motif 3b).
Wall tiles: 30 x 60 cm / Sand
Floor tiles: 30 x 60 cm / Mud

motif 3b

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