Buchtal veteran Josef Meßmann retires after almost 52 years

People who remain loyal to a company throughout their working lives have become rare. Josef Meßmann is one of these exceptions. He joined the former Buchtal AG on 1 August 1967 at the age of 14. After an unprecedented career, he has been in charge of the factory since 2013, where a complex range of ceramic tiles for public and private areas is manufactured. Today, the company is part of Deutsche Steinzeug Cremer & Breuer AG, headquartered in Witterschlick near Bonn. After almost 52 years with the company, Josef Meßmann is now going into well-earned retirement at the end of April 2019, but will continue to advise the company.

This special occasion was honoured on 8 April at a small ceremony in the Hotel Aschenbrenner (Freudenberg-Paulsdorf). There were lots of good wishes and presents: long-standing Buchtal companions presented a personally designed card and gourmet delicacies from Italy. Executive Vice President Dr. Thomas Hammer had arrived from Witterschlick and surprised with a gas-powered camping refrigerator, which is supposed to keep food and drink at the right temperature when the young pensioner visits his habitual fish pond to devote himself to his hobby. In addition, there was a symbolic special umbrella to protect him and at the same time identify him as a "Buchtaler". Furthermore, as a reminder of his place of work, he received a unique ceramic tile from the works manager committee with typical views of the factory, which were fired in proper style and durable onto a Buchtal tile. Josef Meßmann thanked with moving and cordial words for the numerous signs of appreciation, connected with the statement that he was passionate about working for Buchtal and will therefore continue to accompany it’s future development with interest.
Of course, there was a lively exchange of memories and shared experiences on this entertaining evening. Also present were Meßmann's predecessor Bernd Mannheim (who now is in charge of the plant in Sinzig / Rhine) and his successor Thomas Betz (active in Buchtal since autumn 2018). The group of guests was completed by colleagues from the areas of controlling, production, personnel, product management and technical coordination.

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Buchtal veteran Josef Meßmann (in the middle with unique tile showing typical factory views) retired after almost 52 years with the company.