BAU 2019: General summary

Architectural and residential ceramics in inspiring diversity

In 2019 again, Agrob Buchtal used the internationally leading BAU trade fair for the dialogue with the relevant professional target groups including planners, craftsmen and dealers. In the usual place (pavilion A4 / stand 500) the company presented up-to-date solutions in the building ceramics sector for public and private areas.

The basic idea of the newly designed stand with an area of 340 m2 was a ceramic “boulevard” connecting four spatial settings (“cubes”) in each of which the focus was on a special architectonic subject. The reason for this was that Agrob Buchtal is one of only a few tile brands world-wide which offers both modern residential and high-quality architectural ceramics - in fact with such an extensive product range that almost all areas of application for ceramic tiles are covered. A quintessence of this competences was shown in form of the four spatial settings mentioned above

dealed with buildings of the health care sector and facilities used for medical purposes or care - a subject which is of great importance for almost every state and for the quality of life of each individual person due to demographic and sociological developments. This area showed in an informative way which contributions ceramics can make in this demanding field, for example with

  • innovative solutions such as the in-plant HT (Hydrophilic Tiles) coating, which lends tiles amazing characteristics,
  • particularly aesthetic and at the same time functional large-size floor coverings with a reduced number of joints,
  • colours and surfaces which visually and haptically facilitate orientation and create an agreeable ambience in terms of depth psychology. /li>

served as generic term for the catering and hotel sectors, hospitality and everything else that has to do with well-being and relaxation. A ceramic domain in this context is, for example, hotel pools and wellness areas, which can be attractively and at the same time functionally realized with modular colour systems, filigree mosaics, slip-resistant surfaces or pool edge and shower tub systems. Another subarea dealed with restaurant and canteen kitchens, because eating and drinking are of great social significance and thus important factors for success in the field of hospitality.

comprised ceramic collections for private homes or comparable applications such as, for example, hotel bathrooms. In these fields of application design aspects quite naturally have priority, e.g. multilayer glazes, subtle colour variations, three-dimensional surfaces, decorative elements or representative XXL formats on the wall and the floor. Trends play an essential part in this market segment. Therefore, Agrob Buchtal showed new series of the year 2019 in this area. During the development process it was tried to act in a contemporary and modern manner, but without drifting off into short-lived fashion trends, as this would be surely contradictory to the durability and sustainability of ceramics.

was serving as a synonym for shops, boutiques and other retail outlets such as supermarkets or department stores. A central aspect in this context is the competition between online distribution channels and the stationary trade, which focuses above all on the atmospheric shopping experience. Accordingly important are architectural concepts attracting the attention of the relevant target groups. For this, Agrob Buchtal offers a wide range of products and presented an extract in the form of decorative designs or “extra thick“ tiles for weight-loaded sales or storage areas. In addition, interesting possibilities for realizing individual designs are shown, for example by water-jet cutting, and company-specific special colours, formats or motifs for underlining the Corporate Identity in this way.
A highlight especially for the shop-fitting sector is the innovation DryTile, which was also shown. The name stands for ceramic floor tiles suitable for dry laying (without tile adhesive) with a natural cork layer sintered on back, which - besides other functions - quasi automatically ensures an exact narrow joint, which then is filled with a specially developed pointing compound. The essential advantages are dust-free and low-dirt processing, a laying up to 8 times faster than by the conventional method and residue-free removal - characteristics which now permit to benefit from the numerous advantages of ceramic tiles particularly economically and variably.

Facades: the supreme discipline
As already at the preceding BAU, the company demonstrated its decades of experience and competence with regard to ceramic facade systems this time again. Generously dimensioned areas illustrated current colours, designs, surfaces, formats and substructures. In addition, the interesting subject of prefabricated facade elements was made tangible by means of an imposing original element of a remarkable project, which has been realised recently in London.

Direct communication
A fair primarily serves for the direct dialogue of people. This aspect was supported by the concept: the central axis of the stand consisted of a generous communication zone with so-called Working Tables. There, one can hold informal and ad-hoc talks in an inspiring atmosphere. Accordingly intensive use was made of this opportunity.

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The Agrob Buchtal stand at the BAU 2019 was a successful mixture of transparency and spatial settings. A ceramic “boulevard” connected four topical competence fields showing which contributions ceramic tiles can make in each of these sectors. The central axis of the stand provided a large communication zone, which was used intensively.

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