(five new trendy colours and new oblong format)

Agrob Buchtal enlarges the successful Karl collection

In 2020, Agrob Buchtal introduced the Karl collection. With its handcrafted character and its archaic appeal, the series serves the desire for recollection, originality and authenticity. Now Karl is being enlarged with five new colours and the 10 x 25 centimetre oblong format. A light Grey, a deep Forest green, a soft Grey Green as well as the lively water colours Aqua and Ocean Blue offer further design scope and new application possibilities.

Karl is a fascinating mosaic collection of different colour nuances with a handcrafted look and  very special haptics. The series was developed by Karl Weber, who has been working on the effect of different glazes and textures at Agrob Buchtal for over 40 years. In the Karl series, which was named after him, he captures the archaic charm of original ceramics. The collection is suitable for the effective staging of selected wall and floor surfaces and enables individual arrangements in different areas of application. As before, there is a choice of a 10x10 centimetre mosaic format in a glossy structured variant or as a matt version with R10/B slip resistance for laying on the floor. Additional design possibilities are now opened up by five further colours as well as the handcrafted relief oblong format.

Restrained, strong and universal shades
The new colours again creatively expand the range of applications of the collection:

Grey is universal and versatile. This variant can be excellently combined with wood, concrete or brass and harmonizes with almost all colours.

Grey Green, on the other hand, exudes a delicate hint of nature, but also unfolds its effect in combination with stronger colours.

Aqua is reminiscent of the colour of water in the Caribbean and is therefore the ideal colour for spas, pools or also bathrooms, often in combination with delicate shades.

Ocean Blue presents itself a little more "courageously" and corresponds, for example, with dark wood, beige or black.

Forest represents the colour of the forest, of peace and retreat. Wood, concrete, gold or black are suitable companions for authentic naturalness.

With the enlargement of the series, Karl's range now includes a total of ten colours which invite the implementation of individual room concepts in private areas but also in hotels, gastronomy, shop fitting or wellness facilities.

Special features and benefits
Thanks to the innovative Hytect coating, the tiles of the Karl collection offer very special additional benefits: they have an antibacterial effect without chemicals, neutralize unpleasant odours as well as air pollutants and are extremely easy to clean.

The effect of Hytect is based on the principle of the photocatalysis. On the one hand, the active oxygen formed in this process eliminates unpleasant odours and air pollutants, but on the other hand, it also decomposes microorganisms such as bacteria, mould, algae, moss or germs without any chemical substances and inhibits their growth.

In addition, the ceramic tiles coated with Hytect technology are  hydrophilic ("water-friendly") and therefore particularly easy to clean. Instead of forming drops, the water spreads evenly as a thin film on the tile. The advantage: dirt is infiltrated and can then be easily removed. The photocatalytic effect of Hytect is not used up, but is activated again and again by light, for which even normal room lighting is sufficient.

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Motif 1a

These five new variants of the successful Karl series (which now consists of a total of 10 colours) open up further creative scope.

Motif 1b

Grey Green

Motif 1c


Motif 1d

Ocean Blue

Motif 1e


Motif 2a


Motif 2b


Motif 3a

The successful Karl collection can be discreet (motifs 2a and 2b: Grey Green) and striking (motifs 3a and 3b: Forest). A common feature of all variations is the handcrafted ceramic look, which is skilfully underlined by the new 10 x 25 cm oblong format.

Motif 3b


motif 4

Great effect: the 10x10-centimetre mosaic in the new colour Aqua, which is effectively used here on the wall, also conveys the archaic charm of original ceramics - an intention which is impressively realized by the Karl collection.

Motif 5a

This example of application also impresses with its manufactory-like appearance, charming impressions and visual depth: the series Karl in the new colour Forest and the new 10 x 25 cm oblong format. Unorthodox in the best sense of the word: the vertical laying in a dynamic, stringent half-bond.

Motif 5b

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